Monday, October 20, 2014


St. Antoninus of Sorrento

Feast day: February 14

Birth: 555

Death: 625

Antonius was a Benedictine monk in one of the daughter houses of Monte Cassino. When he was forced to leave his monastery because of the wars raging in the country around him, he became a
hermit until he was invited by the people of Sorrento to live among them. He did so as an abbot of Saint Agrippinus.

Benedictine abbot and patron of Sorrento, Italy. While serving as a monk, Antoninus had to leave his monastery when local wars threatened. He became a hermit recognized by the local people as a man of holiness. The people of Sorrento invited him to become the abbot of St. Agrippinus Monastery. While on Monte Angelo as a hermit, he lived with St. Catellus, former bishop of Castellamare. St. Michael the Archangel visited him on the mountain. He repelled an attack by the Saracens on Sorrento by a miracle after his death.

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